Florida’s 2022 Special Legislative Session And Its Results.

Florida’s 2022 Special Legislative Session And Its Results.
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The 2022 Special Legislative Session called by the Governor has concluded. The focus of the Special Session was related to COVID, and resulted in four bills.

The following are excerpts of the Special Session outcomes by the Great Gainesville Chamber of Commerce in its November 19, 2021 e-newsletter:

Today, Governor DeSantis signed four new bills into law emerging from the Special Session of the Florida Legislature.

This bill blocks private and public entities from mandating vaccines. In addition, the new law prevents public entities from requiring masks. A final provision of the bill grants rule making authority of COVID protocols to the Florida Department of Health with a draft of the new rules due out early next week.

Bill Passed House: 78 – 39

Bill Passed Senate: 24 – 14

This new law shields the private health and religious records from being made public over the course of an investigation into a COVID-19 policy.

Bill Passed House: 85 – 31

Bill Passed Senate: 26 – 10

This new law orders Florida to develop a roadmap for a state workplace safety plan, a course that could lead Florida to begin the process of withdrawing from OSHA. The law does require the new plan to be as strict as the current federal law and any changes must be approved by the federal government.

Bill Passed House: 76 – 38

Bill Passed Senate: 23 – 13

After September 11 until the signing of this new law, Florida law allowed the Surgeon General to mandate vaccines by “any mean necessary”. While the power had never been used before, HB 7 repeals the vaccine mandate power. It does not repeal the additional powers granted to the office: to examine, test, treat and quarantine individuals during a public health emergency, forcibly, if needed.

Bill Passed House: 82 – 34

Bill Passed Senate: 23 – 13

Florida’s business owners should make themselves aware of the new bills and their impacts. This series will continue to report on additional legislative and statutory developments.


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