Florida DACA Immigrants, Dreamers, Left in Legal Limbo

Florida DACA Immigrants, Dreamers, Left in Legal Limbo
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A Mexican immigrant residing in Florida who just missed the deadline to renew her paperwork for the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is hoping to avoid deportation, according to a U.S. News report. The 30-year-old woman arrived just after the post office’s cutoff to send out the application. She blamed Hurricane Irma and a move from one Florida city to another for the missed deadline. The woman’s car insurance, driver’s license, and house lease are all in jeopardy should she not be able to continue under DACA. She is one of thousands of immigrants losing their protected immigration status and facing deportation under the DACA program established in 2012 under then-president Barack Obama. Should Congress be unable to come up with a permanent replacement for DACA, thousands more will lose their status protections come March of this year.

DACA Renewals and Problems

DACA, short for theDeferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, is a program that grants immigrants two-year permits allowing them to work and remain in the United States. Earlier in 2017, president Trump rescinded the program but allowed immigrants to renew their papers if their permits were set to expire between September of 2017 and March of 2018. Immigrants were required to apply by October 5, 2017, and pay the $495.00 fee.

Approximately 132,000 of the 154,000 eligible DACA recipients renewed their applications in time, according to the government. That leaves more than 20,000 individuals without protection from being deported from the U.S. Moreover, it is estimated that more than 900 requests were mistakenly rejected for being late even though the applications arrived at the filing sites within the deadline. Those applicants had to reapply by December 2nd. Many requests were affected by U.S. Postal Service delays; immigrants report shipping applications well before the deadline, yet the applications were delivered late. These immigrants are awaiting instructions on how to apply again.

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Florida Deportation Defense

DACA recipients are not the only ones who can be deported based on immigration status. In fact, anyone who is not an American citizen may be subject to deportation if convicted of certain crimes. These include drug offenses, violent crimes, and fraud. Illegal entry into the U.S., or legal entry and subsequent overstay of a valid visa, can also result in deportation.

Furthermore, if anyone commits fraud on a visa passport application, he or she may not only face deportation but also criminal prosecution. Depending on the crime you are accused of and your immigration status, you may be able to avoid deportation by filing for a waiver of the grounds for removal. Judges balance positive factors such as family ties, rehabilitation, and employment history against the criminal conviction when considering deportation.

DACA, short for the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, is a program that grants immigrants two-year permits allowing them to work and remain in the United States.

Immigration Help in Florida

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