Even More on Cybersecurity. This Time from a Personal Perspective.

Even More on Cybersecurity. This Time from a Personal Perspective.
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Several prior submissions to this blog have addressed the need for Florida businesses to be proactively attentive to their online activities and security. See, for example, Resilience and “CROs”: A Proactive Risk Management Strategy Worth Considering. And Implementing., One More On Cybersecurity, Scams, and Identity Theft – They are Indeed Crucial Topics for Florida Businesses and Consumers, and More on Scams and Cybersecurity – Damaging Creativity Knows No Limits – Tales from the Field, and All with Happy (and Safe) Endings.

“Long story, short”, businesses should identify and implement policies, practices, and procedures to “guard the cyber gates” to their networks. Simple (actually common-sense) methods to do this include using and regularly replacing hard-to-crack passwords at multiple entry-points to their web-accessed and even offline computer systems, updating anti-virus, anti-spyware, adware, and malware software, and even periodically (as budgets permit) replacing and upgrading hardware components. (This is yet another example of the benefits of routinely using checklists for all relevant operational activities. See my previous post Checklists: An Essential (and Effective) Tool for Business and Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto for further on this topic. And by way of full disclosure, this writer includes The Checklist Manifesto as a recommended reading for his law school and business school courses, and has a copy on his office bookshelf.)

Now “guess what”?…Those same proactive cyber principles apply at the personal and family level. This blog mentioned that point previously in While Being Generous, Also Be Cautious. (And a Couple of Somewhat Related Notes.). (And as to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin see Is Bitcoin a Temporary Innovation or is it an Inevitable Intangible Asset Full of Inherent Risk?)

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In that regard, the Florida Attorney General recently issued a simple, brief, and direct article regarding methods families, parents, and guardians can use to safeguard children online. Simple because its title is just three uncapitalized words, “be careful online”. In that article, the “AG” identifies the types of hardware, software, and online communities currently used by children, risks posed by online predators, and indicators for concern. As with the “old-fashioned” in loco parentis matters (such as looking both ways before crossing a street, washing hands…a lot, and waiting after eating before swimming), now proactive attention must be paid to children’s “screen time”.

“Long story, short”, businesses should identify and implement policies, practices, and procedures to “guard the cyber gates” to their networks.

When it comes to the personal and business online “world”, then, and to borrow a phrase from the 1980’s television series Hill Street Blues, “Let’s be careful out there”.

One minor thing not to forget. This very blog “lives” online, so the precautions mentioned above are always in the background “here”, as well.

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