Brevard County I-95 Wreck Involves Multiple Vehicles

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Defensive Driving Tips

Below are several tips on defensive driving to help you increase your chances of having a safe and happy trip whenever you go out on the road.

  • Stay focused on the task: Do not let the radio, cell phones, air conditioning, a heated discussion, or the passengers in your vehicle distract you from driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports drivers under the age of 20 are the most prone to distracted driving and 11% are involved in fatal crashes in which distractions were involved
  • Expect other drivers to make mistakes: When you trust only yourself, and do not depend on other drivers following the law or driving perfectly, you will be better able to anticipate their sudden moves or mistakes and keep yourself and your passengers safe
  • Make sure to slow down: Not surprisingly, you are at a higher risk of catastrophic injury and/or death when you are in a speeding car. This is because the faster you travel, the longer it takes for your vehicle to stop, and the harder the impact when a crash happens. Drive with the flow of traffic; in other words, do not drive too slowly, but make sure you are not speeding
  • Always use safety devices: Your car should have a high safety rating, airbags, child safety restraints, booster seats, and seat belt adjusters to reduce serious and fatal injuries in the event a crash does happen
  • Make sure to always buckle up: The simple use of seat belts can reduce the risk of car accident fatalities by up to 50%, according to the National Safety Council.
  • When in doubt, yield to the other driver: If you are not sure who has the right-of-way, be sure to err on the side of caution and let the car pass. Even if you know you have the right of way, but the other driver seems to think otherwise, yield. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports men have a harder time yielding as they have a 1.5 to 1 ratio of “failure to yield” violations.
  • Red means stop: The leading cause of car accidents at intersections is one or more driver running a red light. Whether the reason to do this is a lack of attention to the road, a glare from the sun, or just plain impatience, the best practice is to slow down and stop. Never race the yellow light.
  • Using your signals: Safe driving is impossible when there is confusion among drivers on the road. Make lane changes and turns predictable by signaling in advance. Failure to use or improper use of turn signals causes 2 million car accidents a year, according to a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers.
  • Keep your distance: Not only does tailgating lead to rear-end collisions, but you will end up financially responsible if you hit the other car from behind. As many as one-third of all traffic accidents are caused by tailgating according to the NHTSA. Instead, allow for a minimum of two seconds of lead time in good weather, and even more time in bad weather.
  • Keep it steady: A sudden decrease or increase in your speed, an unexpected lane change, or an unpredictable stop will make it difficult for other drivers to anticipate your actions and increase the likelihood of an accident.

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Show Caution on the Roads

While getting behind the wheel may seem like a normal daily occurrence, in fact it is likely the most dangerous activity you participate in all day. Statistics show that U.S. car accidents are the fifth leading cause of death. Depending on where you live and what you choose to drive, your risk of injury or death may be even higher. While you cannot control the actions of other drivers, you can absolutely control how you operate your vehicle.

Do not let the radio, cell phones, air conditioning, a heated discussion, or the passengers in your vehicle distract you from driving.

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