What to Do When an Accident Causes You to Miss Work

What to do when an accident causes you to miss work
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A lawyer can explain what to do when an accident causes you to miss work. You should generally:

  1. Hire a lawyer who is familiar with auto accident cases.
  2. Report your accident to your insurance company if you have not already.
  3. Seek medical attention and request documentation for your care.
  4. Contact your employer to inform them of your accident and injuries.

Further steps are necessary. However, your lawyer can handle the next steps for you. You should rest and recover to avoid further physical or psychological harm.

What Initial Steps will a Lawyer Take After Your Accident?

A lawyer can review the facts of your case. They will also gather any evidence not already in your possession. Steps they can take may also include:

  • Contacting your insurance company
  • Explaining your accident to the insurance company
  • Determining what coverage they will (or will not) provide
  • Handling all claim-related communications and paperwork
  • Determining whether to file a third-party claim or lawsuit

Motorists in Florida can receive compensation from their own insurance policy. A lawyer can determine if your insurance coverage is enough to cover your losses or if you can pursue other legal options.

What do Auto Insurance Benefits in Florida Cover?

Florida § 627.736 details auto insurance requirements in Florida. Basic auto insurance policies may cover:

  • 80% of accident-related medical services
  • 60% of lost income and lost earning capacity resulting from an auto accident
  • $5,000 in death benefits per deceased individual
  • Property damage up to your coverage limits

If you purchase elective coverage, then these figures may change. These are the minimum coverages that you may receive from insurance. If these coverages are not enough, then you may file a claim with the insurer of the person (or parties) who caused your accident.

You may also file a lawsuit. A lawyer can explain the pros and cons of insurance claims and lawsuits.

What Can a Lawsuit in Florida Cover?

Those who file a lawsuit may be able to seek financial coverage beyond their insurance limits. A lawsuit may cover:

  • All of your accident-related medical expenses (rather than only 80%)
  • All of your lost wages and earning power (rather than only 60%)
  • Pain and suffering (which insurance does not cover)
  • All of your accident-related property damage

You may file a lawsuit for serious injuries or a loved one’s death. In these cases, the cost of healthcare and pain and suffering may be great—far greater than your insurance covers.

The choice of pursuing an insurance claim or lawsuit can be complicated. A lawyer can guide you to the right decision.

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Can You Lose Your Job Because of Injuries From an Auto Accident?

As an “at-will” employment state, Florida has few protections for injured workers. In many cases, an employer may fire you without advanced notice and without cause.

The specific details of your employment contract are important. They may grant you certain protections from termination. A lawyer can help you understand what protections may apply in your case.

The possibility of termination is real for most employees. It is vital that you seek fair and full compensation through insurance or a lawsuit. You may not have an income to support you for the foreseeable future.

Should You Hire a Lawyer After Your Accident?

Many car accident victims are unsure of what to do when their accident causes them to miss work. They hire a lawyer to lead the way to possible compensation.

You may:

  • Be unfamiliar with seeking compensation after an auto accident
  • Be unfamiliar with Florida’s civil code
  • Be uncomfortable handling your insurance claim
  • Want as much help as possible with your case

These are all good reasons to hire our firm. You may have one shot at obtaining compensation for your losses. Our team will handle your case with the necessary care and a sense of urgency.

How Long do You Have to Seek Compensation?

If you need to file a lawsuit following an accident, make sure you do so with the state’s statute of limitations for civil action. In Florida, this means you must file your suit no later than two years after your accident. You have far less time to report your injuries to an insurance company, however, as you are often required to do so promptly after the crash. Do not delay in reporting the accident or reaching out to a law firm.

Our team is aware of deadlines for car accident victims. We can inform you of important deadlines and process your case.

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