Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Golf Cart Accident?

Should I hire a lawyer for a golf cart accident
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You should generally hire a lawyer for a golf cart accident. A lawyer will handle all aspects of your insurance claim or lawsuit while you focus on yourself. Your lawyer can have access to several resources, including experts and investigators, that will benefit you.

Who Can Seek Compensation for a Golf Cart Accident?

You can seek compensation for a golf cart accident as:

  • The driver of a golf cart
  • The passenger in a golf cart
  • A pedestrian injured by a golf cart
  • A bicyclist or scooter rider injured by a golf cart

Golf carts are a fixture throughout Florida, but rules and regulations are lacking. You may be entitled to compensation if you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a golf cart accident.

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What Types of Golf Cart Accidents Warrant Legal Action?

You may bring a lawsuit for a golf cart accident if the following events happen:

A Motor Vehicle Struck the Golf Cart That You Were Driving or Riding in

Golf carts can operate in close proximity to motor vehicles. If a motor vehicle operator strikes a golf cart you were driving or riding in, then that motorist may be liable for your damages.

A Golf Cart Driver Injured You Through Negligent Actions

A golf cart driver can be liable if their reckless actions injured you as a passenger. Dangerous driving practices or illegal operation of a golf cart can lead to passenger injuries.

A Defective Golf Cart Caused Your Accident

A golf cart manufacturer or seller can be liable for damages caused by a defect. Findings from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show that specific golf carts contain dangerous design flaws.

A Golf Cart Driver Struck You

Golf carts can cause significant injuries when they strike pedestrians, bicyclists, or scooter riders. You could receive compensation if a golf cart driver struck you or a loved one.

A lawyer from our firm can get to work on your golf cart accident case. They will gather all the facts of your accident, determine liability, and pursue fair awards.

We Can Diagnose Liability for Your Golf Cart Accident

When a golf cart accident happens, at least one party has responsibility. Per Florida Statute § 316.212, golf cart drivers must only operate their cart on permitted roadways. Drivers must be alert and sober and are generally responsible when they overturn the cart or cause a collision.

Golf cart manufacturers and sellers are responsible for the safety of their products. They can be liable when their defective golf cart causes an accident.

Motor vehicle operators are also responsible for their own actions. Distraction, intoxication, and carelessness can make them responsible for your golf cart accident. Our team will determine who has responsibility – known as liability – for your golf cart accident.

Other Ways That Our Firm Can Help with Your Golf Cart Accident Case

We can determine liability for your golf cart accident, but our ability to help does not end there. Our firm can also:

  • Record each of your losses
  • Value each of your losses
  • Determine the total value of your case
  • Consult witnesses to your golf cart accident
  • Hire experts to testify or reconstruct your accident
  • Obtain accident-related evidence
  • Document your damages
  • Deal with attorneys and insurance companies (if insurance plays a role in your case)
  • Negotiate for fair compensation

We will defend your rights. Insurance companies and attorneys will deal directly with us. You will not have to respond to harassment, low settlement offers, or other unwanted contact.

What Damages Can You Receive Compensation for?

Your recoverable damages for a golf cart accident may include:

  • Medical costs: You may receive coverage for any healthcare expense related to your golf cart accident.
  • Lost income: Lost income and diminished earning power may be recoverable losses. Liable parties may cover other professional damages like lost productivity and lost performance bonuses.
  • Pain and suffering: Your settlement or judgment may cover pain, trauma, and other non-economic losses.
  • Golf cart repairs: If your golf cart suffered damage during your accident, then you may receive awards for repairs.

The value of your case may equal the value of your damages.

We Will Lead Your Case While You Recover

There may be more grey area in a golf cart accident case than other civil cases. Floridian laws governing golf carts are not always clear. Our team will navigate legal grey areas and seek any awards that you deserve.

Your focus should be on recovery. Hiring us allows you to dedicate the necessary time to your health.

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