To the End of 2020 – And What Follows. A Short To-Do List.

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It is telling that this article is being written at the end of National Preparedness Month, because this is a bit of a jeremiad about 2020. As Queen Elizabeth might characterize 2020 – a year which has now earned adjectives, verbs, and memes in its ‘honor’ – this has indeed been an annus horribilis 1 in terms of health, business, employment, and even civil discourse.

National Preparedness Month is largely directed towards weather events and other fast-moving natural phenomena 2, but it also presents an opportunity to review one’s most basic life-goals. And for a company, the core business. Simply, during a period of retrenchment, it is timely to analyze, to investigate, to research, to think.

A core business analysis is not just a questionnaire about strategies and tactics. It is far more elemental than that. Rather it entails an intentional consideration of the enterprise’s

  • Mission – The mission of our business is to… [specific and not open-ended]
  • Vision – We envision implementing our Mission by doing… [specific and narrowly tailored action statements – elaborations belong in the separate implementation plan – more on that another day]
  • Values – Our values[underlying the Mission and Vision] are… [can be derived from philosophical, environmental, religious, economic theory, or other contextual bases]

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 Each of those infrastructure concepts are minimalist – again, the topic for another day which will reveal much about this writer’s personal orientation – but they involve an in-depth understanding of the business’ intended outputs and outcomes, and entail mindful, active-listening dialogues with the enterprise’s internal and external stakeholders. In a practical sense, they can require the business to research its

  • Internal strengths and weaknesses
  • External opportunities and threats

 It is only after these exercises have been adequately conducted that the enterprise can properly innovate and bring its innovations to the market. In other words, to implement is goods creation or services delivery operations (or hybrid of both) in real-time in the real-world.

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And that is the ‘upside’ of this annus horribilis named 2020. ‘We’ have seen the worst. And survived (perhaps barely ‘by the skin of one’s teeth’, but still intact). And ‘we’ have learned, and will continue doing so for quite a while to come as we deconstruct the history of this period, its implications for the future of business and life-in-general, and the new methods and systems which emerge.

There is a departure point for 2020. And it is emerging now. So let us all pay attention. And move forward to a new and better era of business…and life. Together.


1 Queen Elizabeth called 1992 a horrible year. For the royal family, 2019 might have been worse..
2 Florida Businesses.


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