The Coronavirus/CoVid-19 pandemic – Resources for Florida’s businesses, families, and individuals.

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There is no doubt that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has been consuming a great amount of air time on television and radio, as continuous and ongoing efforts to convey information about the pandemic, its effects, and the efforts to deal with and overcome it spread worldwide. And that attention holds true online, with seemingly endless articles and government and private industry webinars on the topic. 1 (Or perhaps it just feels never-ending as increasing numbers of people self-quarantine or otherwise shelter-in-place.) This series has already dealt with the pandemic directly or indirectly three times. 2

As readers of this series by now recognize, sometimes these pieces contain ‘fresh’ content and others, when merited, encompass compilations of objective resources. This article will largely consist of the following, in one case by a local chamber of commerce, and in another by a former presidential candidate. The reason this approach was selected is because both of those sources are comprehensive and outcome-oriented (as opposed to opinion-directed).

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The Greater Gainesville Chamber  has, not surprisingly, focused a good deal of its attention on resources available to businesses large and small, with a particular emphasis on the federal $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (aka the ‘CARES Act’ 3). The following is an extract (paraphrase if one prefers) from the GGC’s March 27th e-newsletter, attending to several responsive federal and Florida state activities and initiatives:

Federal Package Now Law: The President has signed the $2 Trillion Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which was passed by the U.S. House earlier today.Learn more about what is in the package. {Important additional note: See footnote 1 below for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s small business-directed loan and other programs.

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Vacation Rentals and Interstate Checkpoints: Governor Ron DeSantis announced new orders for vacation rentals to be suspended from operations over the next 14 days. In addition, he proposed checkpoints along Interstate 10 for cars from Louisiana entering the state as well as a 14-day quarantine for anyone entering the state from the New Orleans metropolitan area.

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Education Resources: The Florida Department of Education has compiled education resources for use by teachers, students and parents. Alachua County Public Schools also has posted many resources as it plans to launch an instructional continuity plan next week for all K-12 students.

Emergency Bridge Loans: The

Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Programis currently available to small business owners located in all Florida counties statewide that experienced economic damage as a result of COVID-19. These short-term, interest-free working capital loans are intended to “bridge the gap” between the time a major catastrophe hits and when a business has secured longer term recovery resources.

DEO Small Business Disaster Loans: Learn how to apply for a Small Business Disaster Loanin three easy steps. {Note: This leads to a succinct SBA disaster relief loan program outline.}

The following are links to the general federal and Florida Coronavirus portals:

Federal (also contains a link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19
Florida: What you need to know now about COVID-19 in Florida

It is worth devoting a paragraph on the SBA’s Coronavirus low-interest disaster relief loan and deferment programs. (Again, see the notes above and footnote 1 below for direct links to those programs.) From the several web-conference to which this writer has listened, the programs are simultaneously wide-ranging in scope, but specific in process. There are also inter-relationships between these disaster relief loan programs and others of which borrowers may already be availing themselves. Not surprisingly, numerous tax-related and additional documents will need to be provided with applications. (As a result, this is an apt time for potential borrowers to at least consult with their accountants and business and personal attorneys as-needed.) The presenters underscored more than once that the SBA is currently ‘flooded’ with applications, and they counseled patience during the entirety of the process. Here is the contact information for the SBA’s, and 800-659-2955.

With respect to individuals and families in need, on March 25th former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg released a list of supportive resources:

Domestic Workers is providing $400 in emergency assistance for qualifying home care workers, nannies, and house cleaners who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows these workers to stay home and stay safe.

Feeding America is supporting local food banks to ensure nobody goes hungry during the pandemic.

Meals on Wheels delivers meals to vulnerable senior citizens. Their COVID-19 Response Fund will get emergency resources to local programs.

No Hungry Kid is working to ensure that no child who normally receives a meal from a school lunch program goes hungry during the pandemic.

Global Giving is helping stop the spread of the virus by giving communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable. The organization sends doctors, nurses, and health care workers to communities in need and is also helping to get masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals and clinics.

One Fair Wage is providing cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, and personal service workers who often rely on tips and whose income is threatened by COVID-19.

AmeriCares is funding the distribution of critical supplies, education, training, and other support for its staff and partners here at home and around the world.

Providing economic relief for working families facing layoffs and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, while these times are challenging, Floridians remain resilient. By a specific use of ingenuity, innovation, and resources such as those identified above, in due time the state will emerge and return to business. The important lesson will become how ‘we’ proactively adopt and adapt what is learned from this trying period.
More information to come as the situation unfolds over time.
For information about Bogin, Munns & Munns’ own response to Coronavirus readiness.  
”So, while these times are challenging, Floridians remain resilient. By a specific use of ingenuity, innovation, and resources such as those identified above, in due time the state will emerge and return to business.

The U.S. Small Business Administration  has been a prime mover in supporting efforts to help local businesses stay afloat in these times. See, for example, targeted loan programs (more in this article) at and loan deferments. And recently the SBA and the Small Business Roundtable have presented several web-based conferences.

2 See Life in Times of CoronavirusDo You Count?The Florida 2020 Legislative Session.

One Hundred Sixteenth Congress of the United States of America. See generally S.3548 – CARES Act.

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