Meet Andrea Anderson

Meet Andrea Anderson
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Meet Andrea Anderson Our featured Attorney of the Week.

Prior to BM&M, I ran my own firm with satellite offices in CT, NY and FL, general practice focusing on bankrupty, criminal defense, and personal injury.  I worked two years after law school for the New York Appellate Division, 2nd Dept. in Brooklyn as a court attorney writing the decisions for the judges.  After that I worked one year for New York legal aid and then went out on my own for the flexibility and balance with family.

I was on the Spanish Honor Society in college and I waitressed at the Hillel on campus.  I owned my own business in college, in Washington DC.  I promoted businesses by hiring college kids to hand out pamphlets at the metro stations.  I grew my business quickly and had a large clientelle of business before graduating and heading to law school.  Business has been a passion of mine.  I seem to earn the trust of clients easily, likely because I am trustworthy.

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I decided to become a criminal defense lawyer when I was eight years old.  I intended to represent the misunderstood juvenile delinquents.  I related to their rebellion and anger.  I have been practicing yoga since my teenage years and have found, through prayer and meditation, an ability to accept life on life’s terms without anger and with compassion and service.  I have danced since I was eight years old and studied dance in college.  I express myself through dance and find the practice of law somewhat of a dance.  I would have been a dancer if not a lawyer.

My greatest strength as an attorney is my ability to empathize and understand.  It allows me to see the problem and a solution clearly and without drama.  I am passionately adamant against prejudice, especially based on the shade of skin.  I want to inspire love and peace through intellect.


I lived in Israel on a kibbutz for a few months after high school and I was the sheep herder.  I ate a lot of vegetables and vowed not to eat anything with a face on it.  I have yet to accomplish that practice.

My husband died when my children were 1 and 5 and I have learned to face the challenge with grace by practicing acceptance and focusing on solutions.  There always is one.

Se habla español.



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