Gainesville Residents Concerned Over Four Creeks Preserve Parking

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The Gainesville Trail Project

In 2018, the City of Gainesville and Alachua County together purchased 715 acres of property from a Boca Raton developer located near the city’s boundary between Northwest 43rd Street and U.S. 441. The purchase, which was split between the City and County, was funded in part through a public places half-cent tax approved by voters in 2016. The 2.5-mile trail is set to open on National Public Lands Day, which falls on September 28. A long-term plan for the management of the property is still being determined.

While residents were relieved to hear the property would be used as a nature preserve and not for commercial purposes, the site manager for the property revealed in a public meeting that 37th Street would be used as a temporary parking lot. The residents most affected by those plans are homeowners whose property sits along the two-lane street, about a block long, that dead-ends into the preserve. According to local officials, they may build a permanent parking area on a different part of the preserve but will not be able to do so prior to the September 28 date. Issues have already arisen for homeowners in the affected area including vehicles getting stuck in ditches along the fencing, thereby needing towing, as well as replacing residential homes’ back fencing due to vehicles damaging it. All of these expenses have fallen on the home owners. Poor drainage and litter in the area is also a concern for residents.

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Gainesville Zoning & Land Use Attorney

As can be seen, the residents near Four Creeks Preserve are dealing with complicated issues involving not one, but two governmental entities. A Florida land use attorney could potentially help advocate on behalf of this community and protect their rights. Specifically, an attorney who practices in this area of the law provides legal advice regarding real estate development. They provide legal services on issues involving comprehensive plan amendments, rezonings, variances, conditional uses and special exceptions.

A land use attorney may help to:

  • Challenge a town, municipality or county’s ordinances;
  • Successfully procure information and appropriate permits for construction;
  • Advocate for a rezoning, if needed;
  • Address easements and other restrictions on property.

The dead end street on Northwest 37th Street has enjoyed minimal traffic and quiet neighborhoods for years. Not surprisingly, the new trail would change everything.

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