Florida’s 2021 Legislative Session Has Begun.

Florida’s 2021 Legislative Session Has Begun.
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Written By: Phil Kabler

The 2021 Florida Legislative Session is now underway.

As reported in Balletopedia :

In 2021, the Florida State Legislature is scheduled to convene on March 2, 2021, and adjourn on April 30, 2021.

The legislators serving in this session took office following the 2020 elections. Republicans won a 24-16 majority in the Senate and a 78-42 majority in the House. The party also controlled the governorship, creating a Republican state government trifecta. At the start of the 2021 session, Florida was one of 28 state legislatures where neither party had a veto-proof supermajority in both chambers.

The Florida State Legislature is responsible for redistricting following each census. Legislators are expected to address redistricting as part of the 2021 legislative session. As of the 2020 Census, Florida was one of 37 states where legislators were responsible for redistricting.

There are 40 members of the Florida Senate, currently 24 Republicans and 16 Democrats. There are 120 Members of the Florida House of Representatives, currently 78 Republicans and 42 Democrats.

The following is the Legislature’s 2021 leadership:

Florida State Senate

·         Senate president: Wilton Simpson (R)

·         Majority leader: Debbie Mayfield (R)

·         Minority leader: Gary Farmer (D)

Florida House of Representatives

·         Speaker of the House: Chris Sprowls (R)

·         Majority leader: Michael Grant (R)

·         Minority leader: Bobby DuBose (D) & Evan Jenne (D)

Source of the above

To follow developments during the 2021, visit the Senate’s webpage here or the House of Representative’s webpage here. Bills can also be tracked at LegiScan here.

Many organizations and professional associations also follow the outcomes of the Florida Legislative Session. One helpful source are the local Chambers of Commerce [USChamber].

Further updates will be provided in this series as developments warrant.

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