Florida Immigration Authorities Ask Bus Passengers for ID; Take Woman into Custody

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Earlier this year, immigration authorities from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agency boarded a Greyhound bus in South Florida, according to news reports. The immigration officers asked passengers for their identification documents, including proof of United States citizenship from every single rider. A black woman of Caribbean descent was taken into federal custody as a result of the search. Passengers were told by the driver that officials were conducting a routine security check before the agents boarded the bus. The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC),  a not-for-profit organization focused on protecting immigrant communities in the state, notes that border patrol officials have jurisdiction within 100 miles of the ocean. In other words, border patrol agents have jurisdiction over the entire state of Florida.

ICE’s Jurisdiction

Florida is no stranger to immigrant populations. In fact, a large percentage of people living in south and central Florida are immigrants. It is important to understand that Immigration Customs & Enforcement (ICE) has the authority to detain and deport individuals who:

  • Have entered the country without documentation (such as crossing the border);
  • Have entered the country with legal documentation that has expired (such as overstaying a visa);
  • Is a legal permanent resident or green card holder and have committed particular crimes;

A United States citizen cannot and should not be deported. If you are arrested by ICE, you can generally expect to be taken to jail or an office, interviewed about your status, moved to a holding center, and have an immigration court hearing. If you are told that you have an immigration hold — or ICE detainer — this means that ICE requested local law enforcement keep you for up to 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, until ICE retrieves you.

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Reasons for Deportation

Immigration laws in America are stringent and are becoming more stringent under the current administration. Each year thousands of immigrants are finding themselves in immigration court, facing the possibility of deportation or removal. If you or someone you know has received a notice of a deportation hearing, regardless of whether your status is legal or illegal, contact the Central Florida law firm of Bogin, Munns, & Munns.

There are several reasons for immigrants to be considered by law enforcement for removal. One of the most common one is criminal behavior. Criminal behavior encompasses a broad group of crimes including theft, fraud, shoplifting, drug, trafficking, violence, rape, and domestic violence, to name a few. Other reasons for removal consideration of an immigrant include illegal attempts to enter the country, illegal residence or presence in the country, incorrect applications for permanent residency, and denial for adjustment of status, to name a few.

In other words, border patrol agents have jurisdiction over the entire state of Florida.

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