“Change is Gonna Come…”* (Actually Three Changes)

“Change is Gonna Come…”* (Actually Three Changes)
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However, Administrator McMahon has announced her impending resignation from the SBA and cabinet. It is expected she will depart that position to chair the super PAC First Action in support of President Trump’s re-election campaign.3 Current U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza4 will be nominated to replace Administrator McMahon.5

And here are the second and third changes – This series has devoted a fair amount of ink (actually electrons) to the condition of Florida’s fresh and sea water resources.6 Topics covered to-date have been the ongoing Florida-Georgia U.S. Supreme Court case, last year’s red tide and algae blooms, and the DeSantis administration’s water management policies and plans.

Governor DeSantis7 has now turned his attention to Florida’s springs “by pledging $50 million to restore springs in Central Florida.”8 As described,

Problems stemming from nitrogen pollution and over-pumping groundwater have compounded the degradation of springs statewide over the decades.9

Additionally, the Governor appointed University of Florida professor Dr. Thomas K. Frazer to the new position of Chief Science Officer10 within the Department of Environmental Protection.11 In his new capacity Dr. Frazer “will coordinate Florida’s research, data and scientific work and make sure officials have the scientific analysis they need to tackle the state’s environmental problems.12

Governor DeSantis has now turned his attention to Florida’s springs “by pledging $50 million to restore springs in Central Florida.”

These developments serve to show that the United States and Florida are always changing. What could possibly happen next? Only time will tell

*With thanks (once again) to “The West Wing”. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0745589/

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