Kissimmee Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

Kissimmee Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer
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After a fatal truck collision, right when you need support and closure the most, negligent parties will do their utmost to dodge accountability, deflect questions, and defend their actions. 

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we won’t stand for that behavior. Our Kissimmee fatal truck accident lawyers won’t let those responsible for your loved one’s death retreat behind insurance, trucking company protections, or other tactics. Our Kissimmee truck accident lawyers will pursue justice in the form of comprehensive monetary damages for you, your family, and your loved one’s memory. We can review your legal options with our team during a free consultation. 

Our Attorneys Will Seek Full Payment for Damages After a Fatal Truck Accident in Kissimmee, FL

A loved one’s sudden loss naturally leaves you with a lot of questions. While we can’t answer some of the more personal ones about grief, our attorneys will answer each one you have about seeking legal action. You can come to us with questions about:

  • Liability
  • Insurance coverage
  • Providing a statement
  • Claims vs. lawsuits
  • Who should file
  • Evidence
  • Paying bills
  • Deadlines
  • Legal phrasing
  • Claim and lawsuit costs

Some have simple answers. For instance, the Bogin, Munns & Munns team can provide statements to insurers or liable parties on your behalf; you don’t have to say anything to them. 

Others have personalized answers based on your case. For instance, liability depends on the circumstances of your family member’s accident, whether multiple parties were involved, and what insurance coverage they each had. 

Whether simple or complex, our personal injury lawyers can tackle your questions and your case using our four-plus decades of legal and trial experience in the Central Florida area. 

We Keep Insurers and Liable Parties at Bay

Truck accident claims and lawsuits can sometimes feel like a case of too many cooks, with insurers, drivers, trucking companies, and cargo companies all vying for your attention and serving their interests.

This won’t overwhelm us, so you can direct all this chatter to us. In fact, we can work to ensure they don’t even reach you; they’ll have to go through us first. 

We Know Opposing Parties’ Tactics and Will Address Them

A negligent truck driver might point fingers at the trucking company. The trucking company might argue the cargo company is to blame. The insurance company might try to blame your loved one. All the while, the adjuster might drag out your claim as a negotiating tactic. 

People can use many ploys to avoid liability in a truck accident case, and we’re familiar with all of them. We’ve also developed some strategies to bring people to the bargaining table, clear up confusion about liability, and protect your family member’s reputation.  

We Will Guide Your Family Through the Challenges

You are dealing with the vagaries of grief while also dealing with a legal case, which can sometimes mean you and your family will butt heads as you pursue this case. 

In addition to minimizing your stress by taking over the work, our attorneys are mediators. We can settle common disputes, like who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida, and help maintain the peace in your family. 

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Kissimmee Fatal Truck Accident Compensation Can Cover Your Loved One’s Damages and Yours

Wrongful death damages aren’t about assigning a monetary value to a person. Instead, they’re about honoring a person’s life, contributions, and relationships. 

We pursue this through evidence like bills, receipts, financial records, and family and expert testimony. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we even use technical information to illuminate the many facets of the person you lost, demanding thorough damages. 

We Recognize Your Loved One’s Losses

You and your family can recover financial compensation to help with your loved one’s bills and lost income. Our fatal truck collision attorneys can seek financial recovery for:

  • Medical expenses for surgery, testing, and medication
  • End-of-life care like hospital stays, long-term care, or hospice
  • Wages or pay they lost while they received treatment
  • Income they can no longer provide due to their death
  • Costs related to their funeral and cremation or burial

We Recognize Your Loved One’s Experience

Wrongful death compensation can also address the pain and suffering your loved one experienced. This is naturally a very difficult topic to navigate, so our Kissimmee wrongful death attorneys handle these damages delicately and with respect. 

We Recognize Your Grief

The phrase “pain and suffering” might not begin to cover what you feel about this loss, and neither can any monetary amount. Nonetheless, you deserve acknowledgment of your grief, and damages in this area are often tied to your relationship to the deceased:

  • Spouses: Recognition of a partner’s love, support, and partnership
  • Parents: Recognition of the devastating loss of a child
  • Children: Recognition of the loss of a parent’s guidance and advice

We can emphasize the many roles the decedent had in your lives, highlighting each one’s significance. 

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Our Kissimmee Truck Wrongful Death Lawyers Will Hold the Right Parties Accountable

We’ve mentioned some parties that are often involved in truck accident cases:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Cargo companies

Trucking companies that directly employ drivers, rather than contract them, are frequently liable for their drivers’ mistakes, meaning your case could involve seeking damages from both. If the accident involved issues with the truck’s haul, the cargo company could join the trucker or trucking company in liability or be the only party responsible. 

We also explore other possibilities, such as when a third party could have caused a collision. Our Kissimmee car accident lawyers can look into whether another driver caused or contributed to the crash. For instance, maybe they cut off the truck, forcing the driver to swerve and hit your family member’s vehicle. Additionally, the truck, your loved one’s vehicle, or another car might have had a defective part that was a factor. Similarly, faulty airbags or seat belts can worsen injuries, making manufacturers partly liable for expenses.

Our firm casts a wide net when seeking who to hold responsible. A single decision causes few accidents. Instead, they are a culmination of several choices. We will thoroughly investigate the collision to identify all those choices, determining which ones were negligent. We will also work quickly in order to file your lawsuit within the two-year statute of limitation, determined by Florida Statutes § 95.11.

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We honor your loved one’s life by ensuring those responsible are held accountable for their wrongful death. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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