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Our corporate Attorneys can assist you in setting up the Corporate Structure that best suits your needs.

A limited liability company is a business entity similar to a corporation, providing the sought-after personal liability protection of a corporation, but with some differences. Because of these differences, the selection of a business entity most appropriate to a situation varies based on the specific facts at hand.

Similar to a corporation, the owners of a limited liability are subject to such statutory requirements to maintain the personal limited liability protection for its owners. The owners are also able to create agreements among the owners to control the operation of the company and the relationships between the owners.

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Corporations & Partnerships

Corporations & Partnerships

Corporations & Partnerships

Corporations and Partnerships can get complicated. Speak with our Corporate Attorneys to resolve any issues.

Merger & Acquisitions

Merger & Acquisitions

A successful merger or acquisition requires an attorney with experience in corporate law, securities, and tax law.

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The Corporate attorneys of Bogin, Munns & Munns have over 35 years of experience in guiding clients, from solo owners to multinational entities, in selecting the appropriate entity and on the laws of creating and of operating a Florida limited liability company.

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