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Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing or using products that are defective and dangerous.

The Bridgestone / Firestone Recall from the early 2000’s helped raise public awareness regarding the possible defects and issues that can arise from a poorly designed and manufactured tire. During this recall, it was emphasized that tread separations generally occur later in the life of a tire, typically three years or more after the tire is installed on the vehicle. Tread separation is where the tread and outermost steel belt of the tire become detached from the rest of the tire. This often occurs while traveling at a high rate of speed and can lead to a serious auto accident.

Tread separation isn’t the only major tire failure that can occur while driving. A sidewall failure often can lead to a serious accident as well. Most people refer to a sidewall failure as a “blowout.” This is where a hole or tear ruptures the sidewall of the tire.

Other types of tire failures include:

  • Tire De-Beading and Bead Failures
  • Tire Shredding
  • Failed Tire Adhesion
  • Sidewall Zipper Failures

The consequences of these failures can be severe. A tire failure can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which can lead to a serious collision or rollover. Our product liability lawyers have represented many of those who have been injured due to a defective product, and will continue to offer our experience and knowledge to make sure each client receives the compensatory damages they deserve.

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