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What would seem to be a simple process at a critical time is complicated when the life insurance is provided through an employer. ERISA governs the procedures and typically the courts give the claim administrator deference if there is a denial of a claim for proceeds from the life insurance policy.

Those making claims are required to “exhaust administrative remedies” by completing a review or appeal of any claim denial prior to filing suit to obtain benefits. It is critical to present all evidence to support a death benefit claim during the appeal process. Court rulings have prohibited consideration of evidence in support of a claim that was not presented to the review entity designated by the plan.

Issues that have been resolved through court cases regarding life insurance include:

  • Denials based on pre-existing conditions at the time of basic coverage enrollment-typically supplemental coverage during open enrollment has less stringent criteria for coverage or eliminates pre-existing conditions
  • Interpretation of exclusions or limitations based on whether death resulted from accident or illness, or intentional conduct
  • Changes in coverage due to the employer transferring life benefits to a new insurance company
  • Determining whether one was disabled and entitled to a waiver of premiums as a result of the disability
  • Simple negligence where an employer failed to turn in supplemental coverage election forms or failed to pay premiums
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