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Florida Fraud Attorneys Help You Fight Back

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If you’ve been the victim of fraud in the State of Florida, seek the guidance of an experienced Fraud Lawyer.

There are many common types of fraud, ranging from rather straight-forward consumer fraud (a used car salesperson knowingly selling a “lemon”) to complex investment fraud such as “Ponzi” schemes (wherein investors are paid fake dividends until the party operating the scheme attempts to disappear with the investors’ funds).  Other types of fraud include:

  • Identity theft – Wherein a person’s identity is used by another party to commit various types of additional fraud.
  • Pyramid schemes – In which investors’ money is used to pay victims who have already entered into the scheme, and where investors are encouraged to recruit more unwitting victims.
  • E-mail fraud – Scams in which people claiming to be Nigerian princes are still alive and well.  However, e-mail fraud also includes tactics such as spoofing and phishing, where fake e-mails are created to look like they come from legitimate businesses including banks and financial corporations asking for personal identification information such as PINs and social security numbers.
  • Mail fraud – Letters (and e-mails) from people claiming to be long lost relatives and Nigerian princes still make their way into mailboxes every day.  Be wary of any mail asking for personal information such as routing numbers or Driver’s License information, and even unfamiliar bills from unfamiliar companies.

If you believe you are the victim of fraud, or know of fraudulent activity taking place, do not be ashamed.  Perpetrators of fraud depend on the silence of their victims to allow them to continue their operations.  Call the proper authorities and contact our attorneys today.

We have 13 locations throughout Central Florida and North Central Florida. We are happy to meet you in the location that is most convenient to you. With our Main office in Orlando, we have 12 other offices including Clermont, Cocoa, Daytona, Gainesville, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Melbourne, Ocala, Orange City, St. Cloud, Titusville, and The Villages. Our Attorneys work aggressively to ensure your case is handled with the care you should expect from a firm that has been around for over 40 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I recover if I have been defrauded in any business transaction?

How much you can recover depends on how much the fraudster has left in cash/assets to recover.

If purchased a house and suspect fraudulent activity, do I still own the house and the land?

if you purchased/closed on a house, you are still the owner.  If there was fraud, you may be able to rescind/un-do the contract to buy the house, if that is what you want to do.

How can an attorney specializing in fraud cases, help me recover damages?

How much money that is recoverable depends on how much cash/assets remain and can be located.

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