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Expungement & Sealing Criminal Record in Florida

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If you’ve been charged with a crime in the State of Florida, it doesn't have to follow you around forever. Expunge or Seal your record with the help from our attorneys.

In certain situations where a person was charged with an offense but there was no conviction, they may be eligible to have their criminal record sealed.  Sealing the record restricts access to the information, but does not make it “disappear.”  Sealed and expunged records are still accessible by certain types of employers, including the judicial system and law enforcement agencies.

In cases where records can be sealed, expungement becomes available after a period of 10 years.  Records must be sealed before they become eligible for expungement.  Even if there is no conviction, charges of serious offenses such as homicide, kidnapping, arson, and terrorism (among others) can never be sealed or expunged.

Qualifying juveniles have their records automatically expunged at the age of either 24 or 26, depending on the details of the individual charge.  If a juvenile completes a diversion program, or if charges were dismissed, they can petition to have their records sealed.

Sealing and expungement of records is not available for charges in which a person was convicted, and the state of Florida will not allow more than one record to be sealed.

A notable benefit of having a sealed criminal record is that in many situations it is legal for an applicant with a sealed or expunged record to answer “No” when asked if they have ever been accused of an offense.

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