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Get Peace of mind about your contract before you sign by having an experienced Attorney to review it.

Whether you are starting a new business venture, purchasing or selling a business, or currently operating a business, you will undoubtedly face issues regarding contracts because they are an essential aspect of business transactions. The commercial litigation attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns have the knowledge and experience required to determine the appropriate action to take to remedy your contract disputes, no matter the complexity.

Breach of contract issues typically involves the failure of one party to perform an obligation under the contract without legal justification. They include broken promises, not completing work to be performed, and failure to make payments or deliver goods. There are several affirmative defenses to a breach of contract in Florida, all of which are best acted upon with the legal counsel of a commercial litigation attorney.

In a contract dispute, it’s usually not enough to simply deny legal wrongdoing, you must respond with every plausible argument that justifies your position. Our team of transactional and commercial litigation attorneys are able to assist you in resolving even the most complex contractual disputes, as well as help you avoid such disputes in the future by examining and revising your existing contractual documents.

We are happy to guide you in the resolution of a contract dispute or completion of an agreement and the execution of a contract.  We can meet you in the location that is most convenient to you. We have 13 locations with our Main office in Orlando.  In Central Florida we have offices including Clermont, Cocoa, Daytona, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Melbourne, Orange City, St. Cloud, Titusville, and The Villages and in North Central Florida Gainesville and Ocala.  Our Attorneys work aggressively and diligently to ensure your contract agreements are handled with the care you should expect from a firm that has been around for over 40 years.

Do you have a business matter concerning company formation, contracts, purchase and sale transactions, financing transactions, taxes, human resources, intellectual property, risk management, or lawsuits? If so, please fill out our online Business Questionnaire to receive a free telephone discussion with one of our experienced business law attorneys. During this free telephone discussion the attorney will go over your current situation and your legal options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are contract disputes?

Contract disputes range from the gamut of (a) disagreement between the parties to the contract to (b) full-blown litigation between the parties to the contract.

How do you resolve a contract dispute?

Our modus operandi in resolving a contract dispute is to try first to get the parties to the contract to come to an agreement/settlement without court intervention (i.e., without filing a lawsuit).

What is the difference between a breach in contract and contract dispute?

Technically, the difference between a breach of contract and contract dispute is:  (a) breach of contract = a party to the contract did not comply or violated the contract and (b) contract dispute = the parties disagree as to what the terms of the contract mean.

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