Bankruptcy Questionnaire 2020

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Please fill out the form below the instructions to receive your Free Phone Conversation

This informal questionnaire that follows is intended to provide our firm with a brief glimpse into your financial situation so that we can assess which bankruptcy option might work best for you. Our firm offers two alternatives for you to enlist our help in a bankruptcy matter.  First, you can have a free telephone discussion with one of our bankruptcy attorneys about your financial situation and bankruptcy options.

In order to have a free telephone discussion, you’ll need to fill out the following questionnaire completely (we must have all blanks filled in or an “n/a” placed in a blank that does not apply).  Once the questionnaire is completed, you will click on the button that says “Submit.”  One of our bankruptcy attorneys will then call you within 2 business days and will spend a few minutes discussing your situation.  We do not charge a fee for this telephone call.

Second, we can sit down with you in person for a 30-minute consultation.  There is a small consultation fee, but if you hire us to handle your bankruptcy case, that fee will be applied to the total fees that would be due.  In advance of that consultation, you would need to fill out the following questionnaire and bring it with you.

The questionnaire can also be sent to you via facsimile, or you can stop into any one of our offices to pick up a copy.  Likewise, you can return a bankruptcy questionnaire to us via facsimile (407-578-2181) or you can drop it off at one of our offices, and an attorney will call you within 2 business days of receipt for your free telephone review.
Please note that neither the holding of a consultation, the completion of the above questionnaire, nor merely contacting Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A. in the manner that you have creates an attorney-client relationship with you. Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A. cannot represent you until the firm knows there would not be a conflict of interest, and the firm determines that it is otherwise able to accept the engagement. Any information or documents sent prior to your executing an engagement letter and submission of any required retainer deposit cannot be treated as protected by an attorney client privilege and may be determined by a court to not constitute protected information of any nature. We will only become your attorneys once you have signed an engagement letter, and our firm’s fees and costs have been paid. Nothing herein is intended as legal advice, nor should you consider it as such unless otherwise directed. It is intended only as general information with respect to a question that you have raised regarding this legal matter. You should not act upon any information herein without retaining professional legal counsel.



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