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Joseph V. Taormina

Orlando Attorney Joseph Taormina - Bogin, Munns & Munns

Background Information


Florida State University (B.A., English, 2012)

Law School

Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law (J.D., 2016)


Florida, 2016

Associations / Memberships

American Bar Association
Florida Bar
Florida Bar – Young Lawyers Division
Florida Bar – Family Law Division
Florida Bar – Employment Law Division


My greatest joy as a litigation attorney comes from helping people when they need it most.  That is really what our job is all about.  When I am able to help a client in their toughest of times and get them through a difficult part of their life and help them move on, I remember why I decided to become an attorney.

I have worked at a variety of law firms that each handled a diverse area of law.  I enjoyed this rounded approach to getting experience in a number of practice areas.  Quite frequently, when a client has a problem that needs solving, there are overlapping issues that involve multiple areas of law.  It is helpful to have a diverse skill set to fully evaluate problems and find a solution.

Communicating effectively is one of my biggest strengths as a litigation attorney.  Clients need to be informed in a way that they understand and not all approaches work the same for everybody.  Finding ways to communicate information in a way that will be understood is one of the most important aspects of our profession.

Helping people really is my favorite part of this job.  We cannot always give our clients the solution that they want or completely fix all problems.  However, many times I am able to show a client that a problem is not as big as they thought, or a solution will not be as difficult as they thought.  Sometimes, the problem is as big or as difficult, and we have to work hard to fix the problem.  When we do, and the client is happy, I feel that we’ve done our job.

I lived in New York City for five years after my undergraduate studies.  I moved to New York to play music.  I was a member of a few terrible bands.  If I hadn’t become an attorney, I might have been a teacher or a coach.  I think sports are beneficial and important to young people. I enjoyed my football days and remember that sports are really just a metaphor for life.  Hard work, preparation, and perseverance will yield victory.  You can apply that formula to almost anything.

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