Orlando Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer

Orlando Taxi Cab Accident Lawyers
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If you were a passenger or another driver in an accident with a taxi cab driver, you might be facing many challenges after your accident. You could be living with serious injuries, facing costly medical bills, and wondering how to move forward and seek compensation for your losses.

When you ride as a passenger in a taxi cab, you should be able to expect that you will be driven safely and with due care. Taxi drivers owe a duty of care to other drivers on the road. Let an Orlando taxi cab accident lawyer take a look into the details of your case and help you fight for compensation.

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State and Local Taxi Cab Requirements

The state of Florida does not detail specific licensing requirements for taxi cab drivers. However, counties and municipalities in Florida often provide their own regulations and requirements for taxi cab drivers.

In Orlando, taxis can be expected to provide service to customers according to a number of standards, which include provisions for safety, vehicle maintenance, and more. Some of the requirements set by the City of Orlando Code of Ordinances § 55.09 include the following:

  • A well-maintained interior, with no sagging, broken seating
  • Available seat belts that are clean
  • A matching set of tires appropriate for the vehicle’s size
  • Headlights that meet the state of Florida’s standards
  • A vehicle free of defects or safety hazards
  • And more

Taxi drivers must also receive a permit from the City of Orlando in order to take passengers. The City of Orlando restricts the number of taxi cabs on the road, and selectively awards permits to drivers in accordance with City of Orlando Code of Ordinances § 55.24.

If the taxi cab driver who caused your accident violated these or any other equipment or permitting requirements, they may be liable. An Orlando taxi cab accident lawyer can help you collect evidence of a taxi cab driver’s negligence and use this to build your case for compensation.

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How a Lawyer Can Help With Your Case

A lawyer can help you with every step of your insurance claim or lawsuit. They can help take care of the legal details so that you can focus on healing your injuries and recovering from your accident.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we may be able to represent you on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we require no upfront payment to get started with your case. We will only receive payment if we settle your case.

Your lawyer can help you by:

Determining How to Proceed with an Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

You may have to first proceed through your own insurance policy to pursue compensation after an accident in Florida. However, you may be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver if your injuries are especially serious. A lawyer can tell you more about whether your case meets this threshold for serious injury and can advise you about how to proceed.

Certain severe injuries may include disfigurement, a substantially limited use of an area of the body, or a disability lasting for more than 90 days. If you sustained these or other severe injuries, you could be eligible to sue the taxi cab company or taxi driver.

A lawyer might also advise that you pursue a lawsuit if your losses go well beyond those covered by the taxi driver or taxi company’s insurance policy coverages. For example, if you missed work, underwent extended physical therapy, or experienced significant pain and suffering or life changes due to your injuries, a lawsuit could help you seek recovery of both your financial and non-economic losses.

If your case warrants a lawsuit, you have four years from the date of your accident to bring a personal injury lawsuit in Florida, according to Florida Statute § 95.11. Your lawyer can tell you more about any deadlines that may apply to your case and can help you stay on track to meet them.

Building a Case for Your Losses

When you present your case to the insurance company or in a courtroom setting, it’s important to gather evidence of how the accident negatively affected your life. You will want to show that you sustained losses from the accident (and that the other driver’s negligence directly caused your losses). A lawyer can help you collect this evidence and demonstrate that the other driver should be held responsible for your accident-related costs.

You may be able to pursue compensation for the following losses:

  • Emergency room care
  • Visits to a doctor
  • Surgeries
  • Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or braces
  • Physical therapy
  • Property damage costs

If your injuries meet the definition of serious injury, you may also be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering and other less-tangible losses.

Your lawyer can show the insurance company that you had to go to doctor’s appointments, pay for expensive surgeries, or attend ongoing rehabilitation sessions. They can even use records of your missed days at work and gather expert statements to show the impact the accident had on your life.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Bringing a claim or lawsuit through a taxi cab driver’s personal insurance policy may come with challenges. An insurance carrier may try to claim that your injuries are less severe than you claim.

For example, if you sustained an injury such as whiplash, the insurance company may not view this injury as severe. However, if your injury significantly compromised your mobility, forced you to make changes to your livelihood, or otherwise caused you losses, your lawyer will fight for your right to seek a settlement that reflects these damages.

Dealing with a taxi cab company’s insurance provider could prove even more challenging, as a larger entity may have more resources to challenge your case. However, a lawyer will be able to take on the challenges of negotiating with a large company’s insurance provider.

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