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If you suffered a workplace injury in Kissimmee, the Florida workers’ compensation system might be able to provide you with the monetary benefits you need. From replacing lost income to paying for medical care, these benefits can be crucial for an injured worker and their family.

While this system is designed to cover most workers hurt on the job, insurance companies may deny a workers’ compensation claim for several reasons. Before you take on the claims process, you could benefit from hiring a workplace injury lawyer at our firm. We can assess your case to identify the value of your injuries and reasons for denial or limited benefits.

Qualifying For Workers’ Compensation in Kissimmee

Not everyone qualifies for workers’ compensation. While most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, there are some exceptions. Also, freelancers and independent contractors are frequently not covered.

The workers’ compensation system in Florida is designed to compensate employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. There are countless ways a worker could suffer an injury or illness at work and qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. With a successful claim, you could recover monetary benefits to replace lost income during your recovery and get the medical care you need without paying out of pocket.

No matter the type of injuries you suffered, you could be entitled to benefits if they occurred at work. Our workplace injury lawyers could advise you on what to expect when you pursue a workers’ compensation claim in Kissimmee.

Potential Reasons For Claim Denials

This form of insurance is intended to be “no-fault.” This means you should be entitled to benefits no matter who was responsible for your injuries. However, some situations could lead to a denial of your claim:

  • Missing the deadline to report your injury or file your paperwork
  • Submitting an incomplete claim
  • Failing to seek medical treatment and follow the doctor’s orders
  • Your employer contests the validity of your injuries
  • If your injuries were self-inflicted, occurred while you were intoxicated, or involved other circumstances outside the scope of your duties, per Florida Statute § 440.09

Denial of your workers’ compensation claim can lead to a frustrating process of appeals while medical bills continue to pile up. You shouldn’t have to fight for your own compensation while recovering from your injuries—our team can handle this for you.

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How Our Firm Can Assist With Your Workers’ Compensation Case

There is a specific process for filing a claim under your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. This includes steps you must take to appeal a denial or submit a petition for higher benefits, as Florida Statute § 440.192 outlines. A workplace injury lawyer from our team can guide you through this process, offering representation and support along the way. Our services include:

  • Reviewing your case. We will examine the circumstances of your injury, prognosis, damages, and overall claim. This way, we can confirm your qualification for benefits and the value of your case.
  • Identifying the reason for denial or low coverage. We will work to determine the reason you are not receiving the benefits for which your injuries entitle you. Doing so will help us outline what your case is missing.
  • Evaluating your damages. To move forward with an appeal, we must understand the level of benefits you qualify to receive. We can use your medical and employment records to determine how much to request in your appeal and support your case.
  • Assisting with your appeal paperwork. We will ensure that your petition for appeal contains all the necessary information and submit it promptly. The insurance company then has 14 days to respond.
  • Representing your interests. Your case may go through mediation and hearings before you receive a resolution. We can represent you in these matters and advise you of your options, including settlement negotiations.

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Can I File a Lawsuit Due To a Workplace Injury?

One of the tradeoffs that comes with workers’ compensation coverage is that employees generally cannot bring a personal injury lawsuit against an employer. However, that does not mean suing is never an option if you suffered harm while at work.

For one thing, employers that do not carry workers’ compensation insurance are vulnerable to injury claims. If you work for a company that should carry workers’ compensation but doesn’t, this violates state law. Our team could help you seek out the financial support that should have been available to you.

Some workplace injuries occur due to the negligence of someone other than an employer. For example, this is often a possibility on a construction site where many entities work together. If you were working on a roadway, a driver who crashed into your worksite could be responsible for your injuries. We can build a case against third parties like these on your behalf.

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If you suffered an injury at work, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The unfortunate reality with these claims is that insurance companies often issue denials to qualifying applicants. Thankfully, you are not out of luck simply because the insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim.

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