Daytona Beach DUI Accident Lawyer

Daytona Beach FL DUI Accident Lawyer
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DUI accidents can cost you your financial stability, health, and career. If you are considering seeking compensation for these and other damages, a lawyer handling DUI accident cases at our Daytona Beach office can help.

Compensation may be awarded to accident victims who demonstrate both their need for the money and the liable party’s role in causing the accident. You can use your compensation to support your family if you cannot work and pay for necessary medical treatment, among other things.

Compensation for DUI Accident Victims

To file a lawsuit for damages after a DUI accident, you must meet several criteria. First, as stated in Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a), accident victims must start all legal actions within four years of the accident date.

Next, to receive compensation, you must have suffered a compensable injury. Such injuries may be financial, physical, or psychological. For example, compensable financial injuries often include:

  • Loss of wages, or the money you could not earn while you stayed home from work to recover from the accident
  • Medical expenses, or the money you spent (or expect to spend) to treat your accident injuries
  • Repair expenses, or the money you spent to repair or replace your car after it was damaged in the accident
  • Loss of employment, or the fact that you are no longer able to retain a job in your chosen field because of the injuries

Compensable physical and psychological injuries often include:

  • Pain and suffering, or the harm that the accident inflicted on your physical and emotional well-being
  • Physical disability, or the loss of use of one or more parts of your body due to amputation, chronic pain, or temporary injury
  • Intellectual disability, or the loss of mental ability due to a traumatic brain injury
  • Loss of consortium, or the harm that the accident inflicted on your marriage

Drunk Driving is a Serious Crime

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is in and of itself a punishable offense. According to Florida Statutes § 316.193, anyone caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more is guilty of driving drunk. Causing an accident while in such a condition is an additional offense. The driver may owe you damages for whatever injuries they caused.

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Our Firm Can Manage Your DUI Accident Case

Bogin, Munns & Munns can provide you with a DUI accident lawyer serving Daytona Beach who is, in the words of one satisfied client, “very professional, experienced, attentive, and knowledgeable of the case.” The team at our office can fight hard to protect your rights following an accident.

Here is what we do for our clients:

Determine the Case’s Viability and Worth

During the initial, free case review, a member of our team will tell you whether our firm can help you. If we can, we will calculate how much money you should seek from the insurance company.

Investigate the Cause of the Accident

To have a chance of receiving compensation, you need to have proof that the accident happened, that it has negatively affected your life, and that the liable party was responsible.

Act as a Go-Between

If the insurance company wants to speak with you, direct them to us. Speaking to them on your own could give them a chance to twist your words in such a way that they can legally deny you fair compensation.

Negotiate a Settlement

A criminal defense lawyer from our firm can sit down with the insurer and their lawyers and push them to pay you a fair settlement. We can fight hard to ensure that they do not get away with shortchanging you.

Take Your Lawsuit to Trial

If the insurance company will not pay what a client deserves, we could represent the client in the courtroom instead. We can question witnesses, prepare trial exhibits for submission, and more.

Support You Throughout the Case

We will keep you up to date and take the time to answer whatever questions you may have. We encourage clients to call us at any time, day or night if they need help or reassurance.

No matter what you need from us or when you need it, Bogin, Munns & Munns can help.

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Proving You Deserve Damages After a DUI Accident

Unfortunately, no matter how compelling your story is or how badly you need compensation, the insurance company may not offer a settlement based on your testimony alone. To strengthen your case, we can seek out evidence from a diverse array of sources, including:

  • Photos and video footage: We can ask witnesses if they took any recordings of the crash, or we can look at footage from traffic or security cameras. If you took photos of the scene, we would be happy to look at them.
  • Car accident reports: The officer who responded to the accident will have filed a report confirming who was involved and other important information.
  • Medical records and reports: Your own medical history can prove that the accident caused your injuries and required you to seek various treatments.
  • Witness statements: If anyone witnessed the crash or its aftermath, we can find those individuals and get statements from them that support your need for damages.

Such evidence may be critical to getting the compensation you need. However, it might not be available for very long. Certain types of evidence can lose their value over time due to:

  • The limits of human memory: Witnesses may remember more details about the accident if we ask them about it relatively soon after it happened.
  • Discarded video footage: Most people probably will not hang on to photos or videos forever.
  • Discarded reports: Police departments may discard accident reports after a certain number of years.

For these reasons and the statute of limitations, you should start your case as soon as possible.

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