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If your loved one suffered abuse or neglect while residing in a nursing home in Cocoa, Bogin, Munns & Munns is here to help you fight for justice. Our attorneys can help you seek compensation for medical care, pain and suffering, and more.

We Can Help You Pursue Financial Awards on Behalf of Your Loved One

Abusing the elderly is immoral and illegal. If your loved one was harmed in the nursing home you entrusted with their care, those responsible should pay for the damages and suffering they caused. Our personal injury lawyers can help you seek compensation on behalf of your family member.

We can pursue awards for:

Medical Care

This award can include the cost of any past and future medical bills associated with your loved one’s injury, such as emergency treatment, hospitalizations, rehabilitation services, and medications.

Personal Property Damages

If a caregiver or facility stole or damaged your loved one’s property or assets, we can help you seek compensation for their value.

Nursing Home Fees

We can help you seek reimbursement for fees paid to the nursing home where your loved one suffered abuse. We can also pursue awards for costs associated with relocating your loved one to a new care facility.

Non-Economic Losses

You may have the right to compensation for your family member’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of mobility or cognitive functioning.

Wrongful Death Damages

If abuse and neglect resulted in your loved one’s death, you can seek compensation on their behalf. A representative (executor) can pursue costs paid by your family member’s estate, including medical bills and funeral and burial costs. You may also be entitled to survivor benefits for your pain and suffering.

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Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse can take many forms and come at the hands of nurses, aides, doctors, administrators, and even other residents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), types of elder abuse include:

  • Physical abuse: This abuse is the use of intentional physical force against a resident; examples include hitting, kicking, shoving, burning, and excessively rough handling.
  • Neglect: Neglect is the intentional or unintentional failure to meet a resident’s basic needs for things like food, water, medical care, and hygiene.
  • Emotional or psychological abuse: This form of abuse is the use of verbal and non-verbal behaviors to inflict emotional and mental anguish, including harassment, name-calling, threats of deprivation or violence, interpersonal isolation, and intentional humiliation.
  • Sexual abuse: It includes any type of forced or unwanted sexual contact or interaction, including sexual harassment.
  • Financial abuse: This abuse is the theft or misuse of a resident’s money, property, benefits, or assets.

Recognizing the Signs of Abuse

It is important to know the signs of abuse so you can protect your loved one. Abuse can leave physical marks, but it can also result in emotional and mental changes. Other signs of abuse may be present in the condition of the nursing home facility and the behavior of its staff.

Signs of abuse and neglect include:

  • Bruising, burns, broken bones, or scars
  • Frequent and unexplained falls and accidents
  • Residents with dirty hair, nails, or clothing
  • Lack of assistance with toileting
  • Lack of assistance with meals
  • Hurried, agitated, or evasive staff
  • An unclean living environment
  • Lack of facility improvements
  • Depression, anxiety, or sleeplessness in your loved one
  • Your loved one is afraid of certain members of the staff
  • Regressive behavior

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Florida Law Protects the Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Florida Statutes § 429.28 is the state’s Resident Bill of Rights. It protects those residing in care facilities from abuse and neglect. Guaranteed in the law is the right to:

  • A safe and decent living environment
  • Freedom from abuse
  • Privacy
  • Personal property
  • Unrestricted communication
  • Access to medical care and services
  • Access to activities and community interaction

What to Do If You Believe Your Loved One Is the Victim of Abuse or Neglect

If you believe your loved one’s rights have been violated or they have experienced abuse or neglect, get help immediately. You can make a report to the nursing home’s administration, adult protective services, and/or local law enforcement. If the situation is an emergency, call 911.

It is crucial to act quickly to file your case. Florida Statutes § 400.0236 generally allows two years from the time of your loved one’s injury or the time their injury was reasonably discovered, not to exceed four years from the injury’s occurrence.

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