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If you sustained serious injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle while cycling, you could seek compensation from the negligent motorist. A personal injury lawsuit could hold the negligent driver accountable. It could also result in a monetary award that compensates you for your injuries.

Let our team review the facts of your accident. We can also advise you on your chances for recovering compensation. Get connected with our bicycle accident lawyer in Cocoa and learn your rights and options.

How Bogin, Munns & Munns Could Help You Recover Compensation

Our team of personal injury attorneys is prepared to pursue your personal injury case on your behalf.

In the early stages of your case, we will carefully investigate every aspect of your accident. Our team can work to identify all of the parties responsible for the accident. We will also identify the scope of recoverable compensation.

Once the investigation is complete, our team can pursue settlement options with the at-fault party. Most bicycle injury claims are resolved with the insurance company without the need for drawn-out litigation.

If settling your case is not an option, our team could take the lead on pursuing a civil lawsuit on your behalf. While we worry about the litigation details, you can focus on healing from your injuries.

We Work Under a Contingency-Fee Agreement

There are no upfront legal fees for our services. We work on a contingency basis, which means you will never owe us anything until we recover compensation on your behalf. We keep a portion of your monetary award as your fee, and you retain the rest. If you do not get compensation for your injuries, we do not get paid. We aim to secure an award that covers your losses and our fee.

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Types of Compensation Available for Severe Bike Accident Injuries

There are different forms of monetary compensation available after a bicycle accident. The amount of compensation you are entitled to recover depends on an array of different facts.

Medical Costs

Medical bills are often front and center of any bicycle accident injury settlement. The unexpected costs could overwhelm most families. Your personal injury lawsuit could recoup the following expenses:

  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency room care
  • Prescription medication
  • Other treatments

Pain and Suffering

You could also recover compensation for the physical pain you endured during and after your accident. Bike accident injuries can take weeks or months to hea. This process can also be especially painful.

Lost Wages

If you are too hurt to work, you could miss out on several paychecks while you recover. Your personal injury lawsuit could help you recover the wages you missed prior to filing suit. It could also allow you to recover any future paychecks you are likely to miss as well.

Property Damage

While your injuries are likely your top priority, you could also be entitled to recover losses for bicycle damage. A personal injury lawsuit could help you recoup the cost of replacing or repairing your bike after an accident.

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How the Statute of Limitations Impacts an Injury Case

Many roadblocks could stand in the way of you recovering compensation for your injuries. One of the most notable hazards every personal injury lawsuit could face is the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is a legal doctrine that serves as a deadline for all civil lawsuits. Governed by Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a), the statute of limitations prevents a lengthy delay between most accidents and the filing of related lawsuits.

You Have a Limited Window of Time to Act

According to the statute, a cyclist typically has four years to file their personal injury lawsuit. This four-year window starts running out the day the accident occurs. If you file your lawsuit after the time period has expired, the court could dismiss your case. You could lose your right to ever pursue the injury case again.

Our Cocoa bicycle accident lawyer understands the statute of limitations. We will work to ensure your lawsuit is filed on time. Exceptions to the time frame are rare. However, you could see whether any apply to your case during your free consultation.

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Bicycle Accident Injuries Are Often Devastating

When bicycles and motor vehicles collide, the outcome is usually much worse for the cyclist. While some bicycle riders manage to avoid serious injuries in these collisions, many cyclists suffer long-term, severe injuries. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), there were 162 bicycle fatalities across the state in 2020 alone.

Non-fatal injuries resulting from a bicycle crash could also alter your life forever. The financial cost of medical care could add up quickly. This could be so even if your injuries are relatively minor. Unexpected medical care could leave you with thousands of dollars in unexpected medical expenses.

Bicycle Injuries Can Impact Your Future

Bicycle accident injuries are often more severe than the injuries suffered by motorists. Bicycles offer little in the way of protection from impact. So, their riders typically endure the full brunt of a collision with a motor vehicle or fixed object. Serious injuries are also common when a cyclist is thrown from their bike.

These injuries include more than just the damage caused by the impact with the ground. Riders that are thrown from their bikes could face additional injuries if they land in the path of oncoming traffic.

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If you sustained injuries in a bicycle accident through no fault of your own, you deserve to recover compensation for your losses. These could be financial, emotional, or physical in nature.

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