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Attorney Profiles -
Anderson, D. Graham
Bolanovich, John
Boomershine, Matthew
Boomershine, Stephanie
Brandt, Nancy
Buckley, Gregory
Darias, Alida Catherine
Dulaney, Jon
Godfrey, Biff
Haring, D. Fuller
Harkness Houser, Karen
Hawkins, Brigitta
Hogreve, Lisa
Kabler, Philip
MacDonald, Robert
McKeown, Everett
McMillen, Travis
Munns, Ranier
Munns, Rulon
Munns, Ryan
Munns, Spencer
Pilcher, David
Rosenblatt, Howard
Shoemaker, Joseph
Smith, S Avery
Taormina, Joseph
Towers, Adam
Valbh, Sandy
Watson, John
Wieland, William
Young, Steve

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In the Community -
In the Community: BMM Prepares Home Cooked Meals For Ronald McDonald House
In the Community: BMM Attorney Phil Kabler Among Panelists At SBA's Encore Entrepreneur Seminar

Locations -
Office of Clermont
Office of Cocoa
Office of Daytona
Office of Gainesville
Office of Kissimmee
Office of Leesburg
Office of Melbourne
Office of Ocala
Office of Orlando
Office of Orange City
Office of Titusville
Office of The Villages

Practice Areas -
Accident Attorney
Administrative Hearings Attorney
Adoption Attorney
Age Discrimination Attorney
Airbag Failure Attorney
Alimony Enforcement & Modification Attorney
Annexation Attorney
Appeals Attorney
Attempted Murder Defense Attorney
Auto/Car Accident Attorney
Aviation Law Attorney
Bad Faith Attorney
Banking Attorney
Bankruptcy Attorney
Bankruptcy 7 Attorney
Bankruptcy 11 Attorney
Bankruptcy 13 Attorney
Brain Injury & Paralysis Attorney
Business Formation Attorney
Business Law Attorney
Business Litigation Attorney - Litigator
Business Planning Attorney
Business Transaction Attorney
Car Accident Attorney
Careless Driving Defense Attorney
Catastrophic Injury Attorney
Child Custody Attorney
Child Support Enforcement & Modification Attorney
Civil Litigation Attorney
Civil Rights Attorney
Collections Attorney
Commercial Closing Attorney
Construction Litigation Attorney
Contract Action Attorney
Copyright Attorney
Corporate Attorney
Corporation & Partnership Attorney
Criminal Defense Attorney
Criminal Misdemeanor & Felony Attorney
Defective Drug Attorney
Disability Rights Attorney
Disability, Insurance & Pension Attorney
Discrimination Attorney
Distribution Agreement Attorney
Divorce Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney
Driving Under The Influence DUI Attorney
Elder Law Attorney
Eminent Domain Attorney
Employment & Labor Attorney
Employment Litigation
Environmental Law Attorney
Equine Law Attorney
ERISA Attorney
Estate Planning Attorney
Expungement & Sealing Criminal Record Attorney
Family Law Attorney
Family & Medical Leave Rights Attorney
Franchise Law Attorney
Fraud Attorney
General Questions
Golf Cart Accident Attorney
Government Contracting Attorney
Green Card Attorney
Guardianship Attorney
Homeowners Association Attorney
Homicide Defense Attorney
Hospitality Law Attorney
Identity Theft Attorney
Illegal Reentry Case Attorney
Immigration Attorney
Information Technology Attorney
Injunction Attorney
Insurance Litigation Attorney
Intellectual Property Attorney
International Adoption Attorney
IRS & Florida Dept of Revenue Representation Attorney
Landlord / Tenant Attorney
Licensing & Technology Agreement Attorney
Life Insurance Attorney
Limited Liability Company Attorney
Litigation Legal Dispute Attorney
Living Will Attorney
Local Government Law Attorney
Mediation Attorney - Mediator
Medical Professional Malpractice
Mergers Acquisitions
Military Law
Motorcycle Accidents
National Origin Discrimination
Negligent Security
Nursing Home Abuse Attorney
Patent Law
Paternity Case Attorney
Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Attorney
Pension Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney
Petitions & Forms Attorney
Possession Offenses Attorney
Power of Attorney Lawyer
Premises Liability Attorney
Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreement Attorney
Probate Attorney
Probate Litigation Attorney
Product Liability Attorney
Property Division Attorney
Purchases and Sales Attorney
Race Discrimination Attorney
Real Estate
Real Estate Brokerage Attorney
Real Estate Development Attorney
Real Estate - Environmental Attorney
Real Estate Litigation Attorney
Recapitalization Attorney
Reckless Driving Attorney
Religious Discrimination Attorney
Residential Closing Attorney
Rollover Accident Attorney
SBA Loan Attorney
Seatbelt & Seatback Failure Attorney
Sex Discrimination Attorney
Sexual Harassment Attorney
Shareholder Agreement Attorney
Shopping Center Real Estate Attorney
Slip and Fall Attorney
Social Security Disability Attorney
Spin Offs Attorney
Tax Attorney
Tax Free Organization Attorney
Theft Offenses Attorney
Tire Failure Attorney
Title Insurance Attorney
Trademark Attorney
Traffic Violation Attorney
Trespassing Attorney
Trial Advocacy Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney
Trusts Attorney
USCIS Hearings Attorney
Veterans Benefits Attorney
Voting Trust Attorney
Watercraft & Boat Accident Attorney
Wills, Trusts & Probate Attorney
Workplace Injury Attorney
Wrongful Death Attorney
Wrongful Termination Attorney
Zoning Attorney
All Other Areas

Practice Area Video: Auto / Car Accident
Practice Area Video: Bankruptcy
Practice Area Video: Corporation & Partnerships
Practice Area Video: Employment & Labor
Practice Area Video: Family Law
Practice Area Video: General Questions
Practice Area Video: Immigration
Practice Area Video: Litigation / Legal Dispute
Practice Area Video: Personal Injury
Practice Area Video: Real Estate
Practice Area Video: Wills, Trusts & Probate
Practice Area Video: Wrongful Death

Videos -
Video: After An Auto Accident Illustration
Video: At Fault Party Responsibility
Video: Attention To Detail Real Estate
Video: Basics of Estate Planning
Video: Basics of Personal Injury Protection PIP
Video: Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Video: Considerations When Selecting an Attorney
Video: Do I Need a Will?
Video: Florida is a No Fault State
Video: How Much Insurance Should I Have?
Video: Lawyer Referral Ads from Doctors
Video: Living Within Our Means
Video: No Fault Insurance Meaning
Video: PSA Water Safety
Video: Residential Real Estate Why Hire an Attorney
Video: Right To Work Employment At Will
Video: Role of an Attorney in Real Estate
Video: Rulon Munns Interview
Video: Slip and Fall Accidents
Video: Spencer Munns on Foreclosures
Video: The Beginning of BMM
Video: The Giggle Test Unlawful Termination
Video: Title Insurance Commitment
Video: Title Insurance Misunderstandings
Video: We Do Not Brag About Our Results
Video: What is A Hostile Work Environment?
Video: Who Are We?
Video: Who Can Make a Wrongful Death Claim?
Video: Why I Became a Real Estate Attorney?
Video: Residential Real Estate Contract Review

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Common Practice Areas

  • Auto | Car Accident
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation | Legal Dispute
  • Personal Injury
  • Wills, Trusts & Probate
  • All Legal Matters

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