Should I Change My Attorney?

Common reasons why you may want to change your current lawyer to a new attorney

The following list includes familiar situations in which someone should consider changing attorneys.  If you find that you are currently experiencing one or more of these negative scenarios, you may want to proceed with firing your current lawyer and hiring a new attorney.

  • It has become the norm to have difficulty getting in touch with your attorney in a timely manner
  • When you have occasionally called or emailed your lawyer to ask a question, more often than not, you receive a response over one business day later
  • You discover that there may be a conflict of interest regarding your attorney and your case
  • There are signs that your lawyer may not be competent enough to practice this area of law
  • Time and again you have to repeat details of your case to your lawyer either because he or she isn’t organized or paying attention
  • You feel that your lawyer is uncompassionate about your case and not interested in your well being
  • Your attorney (or someone from his office) repeatedly asks you to provide documents or fill out forms that you have already turned in to him or her 
  • Your attorney has specifically made mistakes which may affect the case that are his or her fault
  • You are notified that your case has been dismissed due to lack of activity
  • Your lawyer has asked to reschedule meetings with you multiple times due to time conflicts on his or her calendar
  • When checking the status of a document being processed and other legal filings which was the responsibility of your attorney, you are told that the deadline has passed
  • You have been billed excessively with anonymous legal fees that can’t be explained by your attorney’s law firm
  • There haven’t been any unexpected or unordinary circumstances yet little to no progress has been made on your case and your lawyer hasn’t given a proper explanation why
  • You and your lawyer do not agree on strategy or how to go about your case
  • Promises by your attorney are not being kept

When you may not be able to fire your lawyer and change to a new attorney

In many typical legal scenarios, the client is usually able to change legal counsel at his or her discretion.  However, if you are close to trial or in the middle of a trial, you may need to get approval from the judge prior to firing your current lawyer or hiring a new attorney.  Under special conditions, you may be unable to switch lawyers so it is always best to make the request to the judge before taking action.

The process of firing your lawyer and hiring a new attorney

  • Make sure that you find a new attorney that is willing to accept your case before you terminate your current lawyer
  • Be patient as it may take some time for your new attorney to learn all of the details of the case as he or she is learning everything that has occurred until the present
  • Although you change attorneys, your former attorney may be entitled to compensation for documented hours or services
  • When firing your current lawyer, you or your new attorney should notify him or her in writing so that it is documented.  Instruct the dismissed attorney’s law firm where to send all appropriate files and property concerning your case.
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