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A New Governor. A New Focus on Florida’s Water.

Posted On : Jan 14, 2019 | Author : Philip Kabler

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Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida’s 46th governor1, took office on January 8, 2019.2 The new governor has ‘hit the ground running’ with his attention to Florida’s water quality. This series has devote......read more

Businesses and entrepreneurs depend on keeping their ‘secret’ formulas, recipes, proprietary methods, customer lists, and other similar intellectual property secret.1 Those secrets have both short and......read more

Happy New Year 2019! Did ‘you’ have a happy New Year? For those so interested, there were plenty of college football bowl games to watch either in-person or on television (or online). The writer of......read more

It is always important for Florida’s business owners and operators to keep a close eye on the proverbial ‘bottom line’. This is especially important as a new year approaches, with its fresh planning a......read more

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